Tips on fighting mould
17 August 2017

Tips on fighting mould

If the mention of mould is enough to make you want to put your head in the sand, you are not alone. Mould or mildew, as the common black mould is known, is one of the biggest threats to households because it affects our health, and we all believe it is impossible to get rid of it. But there is a way, according to a property management company in Hobart.

Tenants in Hobart, Tasmania need to be on the alert as far as mould is concerned. Tasmania’s cold and damp winters can bring on problems with damp and condensation, two of the major causes for the development of mould. But they are not alone, further north in Australia, the humidity creates the same conditions from Sydney to far North Queensland!

Four steps to dealing with mould

Step 1:

Denial won’t make it go away. Acknowledge the fact that you have mould on the walls, and accept it. Identify the cause of the mould. Mould grows because of a moisture build-up and it’s imperative you find out where the moisture originates.

Step 2:

Ask yourself where is the moisture is coming from? Is there a leak, or is it because the rooms are not ventilated? Always open a window after you have had a bath or shower. And when you are cooking up a storm of steam, open a kitchen window.

Even when you are sleeping it’s best you leave some windows open for ventilation. Apart from the fact that you need fresh air, your body produces heat, and your breath can cause condensation. Open up windows as often as you can.

Another problem could be bad insulation, and perhaps it needs to be upgraded. Walls and ceilings that are well insulated won’t be affected by condensation, which means there is less chance of mould developing.

Step 3:

Now that you have identified the cause of the mould patches, pluck up the courage and get tough with it. You might be surprised to find it is not as daunting as you thought. Choose a hot day to make a solution of chlorine bleach and water, 1:3 should do just fine. Protect your hands with gloves and wear a mask.

Step 4:

Mould is a fungus with airborne spores you don’t want to breathe in. Close the door when you are cleaning off mould. Wet a cloth with the solution and simply wipe the mould off. Dry the spot with a dry cloth afterwards, and open windows to dry it further.

Throw the used cloths away to prevent contamination. And once you have gotten rid of the mould, keep it away.

Some tips from Baxton Property Management in Hobart:

  • Identify problems such as leaking pipes, and ask your property management company to have them fixed.
  • If carpets have mildew, they will have to be replaced. Always dry wet surfaces as fast as you can. Never leave wet clothes or towels lying around, hang wet stuff out in the sun.
  • Spray some specialised anti-microbial spray on the areas that were infected, or paint them with some anti-mildew paint. These products are available from DIY stores.


Call in the experts

If the mould has gone into the structure of the house or its of such a nature that you can’t clean it out yourself, then it is best to call in the specialists. Ask your landlord, or agent to see to it, as mould is a risk to your health.

If you are looking for more information on mould, or how to deal with a persistent mould problem, visit Baxton Property Management on-line. We know how to take care of the properties we manage, and this is why our landlords trust us, and our tenants love us.  We have years of experience and we usually have the right solution when it comes to any property problems.



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