The Benefits of a Great Rental Reference - And How to Get One
30 November 2017

The Benefits of a Great Rental Reference – And How to Get One

If you’ve been looking for rental property in Hobart, you’ll know that everyone wants to see your rental references – and the same is true wherever you might seek a rental. For first-time tenants, it can be quite a challenge, but you can produce character references from your old school or from your employer to help you along. Still, it’s tougher finding a place to stay if you don’t have a great rental reference.

Apart from that, your rental reference could have some unexpected benefits. For example, if you are applying for a job that offers accommodation, your rental reference will tell your prospective employer a lot about you. It could even land you the job. And if you do have an unfortunate experience at a later rental, your earlier good reference will stand you in good stead when you look for a more congenial home.

How to get a great rental reference

If you haven’t got any rental references yet, you needn’t despair. Everyone has to start somewhere. Talk to local property managers about your circumstances, and provide character references from educators or guarantees from your parents. Another way of overcoming concerns is to offer several months’ rental in advance.

Once you’ve landed your first rental agreement, you have a chance to prove your worth as a tenant that everybody wants to have. To be honest, it isn’t hard to get a good rental reference. Just follow these simple guidelines:

  • Read your lease carefully and be sure to abide by its terms. Ask if you aren’t sure about any of the clauses, and check on things like pet policy, overnight guests, and notice terms.
  • Always pay your rent in full and on time. Just doing this will already do a lot to secure your reputation as a good tenant.
  • Take good care of the property including the garden (if any) and the house, rooms or apartment you are renting.
  • Ask before you make any changes even if they seem minor to you. For example, check before installing shelving, painting, etc.
  • Report any problems in good time. After all, electrical faults can make a house burn down, and leaking pipes could cause bad water damage.
  • Be a good neighbour – property owners and managers don’t like complaints from other residents living nearby.
  • When you move out, be sure to leave the property neat, clean and in good order. Be present for the final inspection, and hand over your keys.

A good first reference gives you a chance at a better property next time

As a first-time tenant, you might not be able to get a property that is all you wish it to be. But once you have one really good rental reference, new horizons begin to open. Property managers will be keen to help you find the right place to stay – after all – finding good tenants for their clients is part of their job.

But even if you are renting for the very first time, it’s worth talking to Baxton. We’re always on the lookout for tenants who will take care of their rental property in Hobart and we ensure that the properties we offer are ready to receive up-and-coming tenants like you. There’s no need to settle for second-best when you work with Baxton Property Management!



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