Property Management Tips on Paint Colours that Work Well
3 November 2017

Property Management Tips on Paint Colours that Work Well

Is it time to give your rental property a make-over? Do you want to bring its tired and faded appearance back to life? There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform the exterior of a building, or refresh an interior space – but choosing the right palette isn’t easy. Baxton Property Management in Hobart has managed so many properties over the years that it has developed an idea of what is most likely to work.

To colour or not to colour, that is the question

 Remembering that first impressions last longest, try to get a feeling of what first impression your property would make as it stands now.  Imagine what your response would be, if you were a prospective tenant approaching it for the first time. You could also call in friends to do the same for you.

Is it scruffy and beyond the point that a good wash would freshen it up? If the answer is yes, you will have to paint it. In terms of its design, does it have large stretches of wall, or is a good deal of the frontage made up of windows? Does it look unwelcoming and severe, or warm and welcoming? Depending on the answers to these questions you may well choose to paint it a different colour, to enhance or reduce the current visual effect.

Choosing a colour

No two tenants are going to like the same colour. Not everyone likes quirky, bright coloured walls, but some also find white a sterile and institutional colour. You want to appeal to a range of people’s tastes as potential tenants, so it is better to steer clear of bright colors, or vibrant hues.

Rather stick to neutral colors, which will appeal to most people as potential tenants. Colours should be gender and culture neutral. For instance, a pink hue might be beautiful to a lady tenant, but a male tenant might not sign the lease because of it.

It might seem sensible to brighten up a room with a yellow “accent” wall, but not everyone likes yellow, and besides it might clash with their lounge suite. Tenants won’t imagine the place without the yellow wall. They will only see the costs or repainting it both when they move in and when they vacate.

The effects of colours

The effect of colour on our moods and emotions is subconscious. Different colours affect us differently. We might walk into a room and feel good, not even knowing why. It might be because the walls are painted lavender, which makes us feel relaxed, because this color calms our nerves. On the other hand, you may have noticed that many restaurants and fast food chains use red in their logos or interior, as this colour stimulates appetite. Think no further than McDonalds and KFC.

An office is not painted blue, without good reason. Blue is the most productive colour. Yellow is a warm color, and might brighten up a dark room. It can be a cheerful and energizing colour, provided it is not too harsh a shade, which can cause eye fatigue.

Great colours for rental properties

The safest colours to select for your rental property are hues of grey, beige, or cream. These timeless colours will go with whatever furnishing tenants have, and look classy and stylish, without being over the top. They can also be applied in different shades in small or large areas, to create a neat finish to skirting, or ceiling cornices, or for use on feature walls.

White is also a timeless color, but it shows dirt very easily, and may reflect any direct sunlight to the extent that it is blinding. It could also appear stark and sterile, if used over large wall spaces. A shade of white could work well for moulding and trim, however.

Choosing the right type of paint

Choose a satin or semi-gloss paint as scrape marks, and even crayon marks or grease, can easily be wiped off. Avoid high gloss paints as these might not appeal to a wide audience.

Transform your building

As property managers in Hobart, Baxton has seen rental properties transformed by a coat of paint. Visit us online for more information on matters concerning tenants and property owners in Tasmania.

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