Property Management Company in Hobart: Benefits for Property Owners
29 August 2017

Property Management Company in Hobart: Benefits for Property Owners

As a property owner or investor looking for hassle-free rental returns, deciding to make use of a property management company’s services is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Most landlords usually start off by managing their own rentals. However, after a while most discover it could turn into a time-consuming and stressful task. This might even drive them to a point where they end-up seeing it as not worth the effort for the return on their investment.

This should never be the case. An investment in property, especially in Hobart, where places to rent are in huge demand, should bring you great returns, hassle free.

What a property management company can do for you

Firstly, they can give you peace of mind. They deal directly with tenants, marketing, rent collection, maintenance or repairs and complaints. Even if it comes to eviction, they take care of the legal procedures and remove the stress on the owner.

They bring their experience to your table, giving you the assurance your investment is in safe hands. Property management companies are contractors. You are not an employer who has to oversee what they do, or don’t do. The company’s effectiveness shows in vacancy levels, and the number of lease renewals.

Saving you money and headaches

There is a misconception in the market that these services are costly. And they may be seen in that light if you don’t calculate what they have saved you in terms of vacant units and maintenance. Or, if you don’t know what you are looking for. Find a tailor-made package to suit your specific needs. Not all sizes fit all.

This is why we, as a Property Management Company in Hobart, designed three different options for you to choose from, and then give you a three-month FREE trial of our services. That way you can see if we are what you expect from a property management company. We are confident that you will find we are far more than you expected.

How can we benefit you as an investor?

If you choose us as your property management company in Hobart, you can be sure our advanced rent collection system, and tenant incentives will leave your cash flow afloat.

We choose only the best tenants, who pay on time and have long relationships with landlords. Having good tenant retention saves a huge amount of expenses in the long term.

Your property will always be maintained as if you were living there yourself. We are proactive in order to avoid maintenance problems, even before they arise.

Should any legal matters every cross your path, we have it covered, as we stay up to date with rental law. As we screen your tenants thoroughly, this should never happen.

What does Baxton property management company in Hobart offer?

  • Our staff shares 100 years of collective experience in property management.
  • Our staff love what they do, and are passionate about property management.
  • Dealings are transparent.
  • We communicate clearly.
  • We see to maintenance issues immediately.
  • We treat owners and tenants with equal respect.
  • We come 98.4% recommended.
  • We manage more than a billion dollars.
  • We have supplier advantage.

Visit us online if you are far from your property in Hobart, or pop in to meet us at Baxton Property Management Company in Hobart to see for yourself why owners trust us, and tenants love us.



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