Property management company in Hobart: advice on moving companies
18 August 2017

Property management company in Hobart: advice on moving companies

Right now, you’re saying: “Hang on! What does a property management company in Hobart know about moving companies?”

The answer is: “A lot!” As a property management company, we see happy tenants moving in and out. And sometimes, we see some very unhappy tenants, when it comes to the service they got from the moving company.

What’s the difference between these two groups? It comes down to how they chose their moving company. Here are a few tips to help you cut your risks when deciding on a moving company.

Your step-by-step guide to choosing a moving company

Step 1:

Don’t just surf the Internet for the cheapest movers in your area. Get referrals from friends or colleagues first.

Step 2:

Make sure the movers you get estimates from are insured and listed in a directory of accredited moving companies. Check their credentials online.

Step 3:

Don’t settle for the first written quote you get. Ask for three ‘in person estimates’. Without seeing what has to be moved, extra costs could easily be incurred.

Step 4:

A reputable company will take an inventory of all your belongings to determine the weight and bulk of your move. This is necessary to know what size truck they should send.

Step 5:

Ask the moving company if they are accredited by some association. Are they listed with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)?

Step 6:

Don’t be shy to ask for references and follow them up. Anyone can make up fictitious references.

Step 7:

Become suspicious if the moving company is asking for a huge deposit. Reputable companies only expect payment after delivery of your goods. If you do pay a deposit, do so by credit card so that you can get a refund easily.

Step 8:

If you can pack your own boxes, this will save the costs. However, if you do pack things yourself, many movers won’t take responsibility for broken items.

Step 9:

Take out moving insurance if you own very valuable items. Moving companies take liability for the goods they transport. It is your responsibility to ask what the charges are and the amount of cover it provides. There are various levels of replacement values.

Full replacement value protection is the most comprehensive plan one can get, and is the gold-standard. The alternative level of liability is a no-cost option. It is the most economical, but provides minimum protection. This option has to be signed off. So, take our advice and always read the contract carefully.

Step 10:

Be aware of the kind of estimate you get. There are generally three kinds:

  • Non-binding estimates means they can’t charge more than 10% on top of the estimate.
  • Non-binding to exceed estimate means the estimate is the maximum you could be charged.
  • A binding estimate is a guaranteed price for all services mentioned. If you want anything extra you must pay for it.

Step 11:

Verify the mover’s address, ask for a business card, or visit their web site and then see if you find them under the same address in a directory.

Hoping to move to Hobart?

Are you still looking for the right place to call home? Get in touch with Baxton Property Management Company if you are thinking of moving. We will help you find the perfect address: the one you have been dreaming of. Then you can put our relocation tips to work and enjoy a smooth transition.

At Baxton, our specialist property managers will help you find your perfect rental.



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