Property Management Company Benefits for Tenants
28 August 2017

Property Management Company Benefits for Tenants

Property management companies are all about property owners, aren’t they? If you are a prospective tenant, you may be a little nervous of renting your new home through one. Especially seeing the answer is a rather complex “Yes and No”.

Where a property management company fits into the picture

Yes, the property owner or investor hires the property management company. And, yes, it is the company’ responsibility to manage the property or properties on their behalf. And to see that they are maintained and units are rented out to good tenants, like you.

However, if they don’t make sure the tenants are comfortable and happy, they are no use to the landlords that have hired them. It’s their business to make sure that tenants receive service timeously by answering questions, facilitating necessary repairs, or paying attention to their complaints.

Bridging the gap

These companies are the bridge between owner and tenant. It’s central to their operation to keep both sides of the rental agreement happy. To do this they must ensure both owner and tenant benefit.

The property management company’s agents adopt a neutral and professional stance to keeping the situation in perfect balance. And their success as a business rests entirely on making sure it stays that way. There are no distractions or alternative areas of interest – their agents are not trying to rent out accommodation, as an alternative to selling a house. Landlords – and as a result, the tenants – are their primary client base.

Keeping things professional

There are stories, and many of them are fact not fiction, of how tenants and their landlords have become firm friends. Of how they have built a personal connection, which might even have led to flexibility in terms of some conditions written into the lease. Or to a wedding invitation and Facebook friendship.

But sometimes things go the other way, and end in evictions and unhappiness on both sides. And that can result in a  bad tenancy record for the tenant, whether it’s their fault or not. A blend of urban legends and, sometimes, bitter experience, has soured the relationship between private landlords and their tenants, and vice versa. This has led to very different stances on renting, when viewed from the two sides of the tenancy agreement.

How a property management company benefits the tenant:

  • Service at all times: When things go wrong, and they usually do, there is someone on call most of the time. Any repairs are done professionally and swiftly. So that leaking tap, or the geyser that’s packed up, can be sorted out easily. The company’s staff will also be able to answer queries, take care of negotiations between you and the landlord, handle the tenancy agreement, and help with renewing it towards the end of your lease.
  • Background checks: You might take it as insulting that the company looks into your financial and tenancy backgrounds before considering your application to rent. You know you’re good for the rent, or can make a plan if you have a rough month, right? Actually, the company could be doing you a favour. It could be preventing you from landing yourself in debt, and facing an eviction if your plans don’t come through. In truth, that’s a far worse situation to be in than trying to rent elsewhere in the first place.
  • Rules and regulations: Nothing is personal. Rest comfortable knowing that your neighbours went through the background check, too. And they will all have to obey the rules and regulations equally. There are no management “pets” here.

There for you

The staff at Baxton Property Management in Hobart, Tasmania, are there for the owner. But they are also there for you, as a potential or current tenant.  Contact Baxton if you’re looking for a rental, or looking for someone to manage your property. Baxton sees tenancy from both sides of the table.



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