Presenting your Rental in Hobart: Here’s How
9 March 2019

Presenting your Rental in Hobart: Here’s How

Finding a rental in Hobart isn’t all that easy nowadays. Landlords can afford to be picky about the tenants they choose. Does that mean you shouldn’t bother about presenting your rental in Hobart in the most positive light possible? At Baxton, we say it’s worth going the extra mile despite the current high demand. Before we investigate the “how,” let’s take a closer look at the “why” of good rental property presentation:

  • Respect engenders respect: if your tenants think you don’t care for your property, they’ll be less inclined to do so during their tenancy.
  • Professionalism matters. The best quality tenants will expect professional rental property presentation and they’ll be put off by anything that looks slap-dash or sub-par.
  • Good marketing gives you a bigger pool of prospective tenants to choose from, and good property presentation is part of your marketing.

Before You Open for Viewing

There are two scenarios here: you already have outgoing tenants in your house, or you have an empty property. The former case is a little more difficult. You will need to make arrangements with your current tenants before inviting people to view, and there’s not much point in doing any renovations before the outgoing tenants leave even supposing they’re willing to accept workmen getting underfoot.

In this instance, perform an inspection and decide which things you plan to improve before new tenants move in. Although its not as effective as showing a pristine house, you can tell your tenants what your improvements will consist of.

If your home is empty for a few weeks, you have free reign to shine things up before prospective tenants come for viewings. Apart from obvious things like a fresh coat of paint, attend to any signs of wear for example:

  • Cracked tiles or stains on carpets
  • Woodwork in need of a fresh coat of varnish
  • Mould or discoloured grout in the bathroom
  • Scratched, worn or stained kitchen surfaces

In a nutshell, you want your rental property looking fresh, new, and sparkling clean. Get a professional cleaning firm in as a final step in the process and don’t forget to attend to the garden. Weedy beds and overgrown lawns will undo any good impressions your possible new tenants might have formed.

Your Rental in Hobart On Viewing Day

Be sure to arrive before anyone shows up for an appointment, especially if the house has been empty. Open windows to let in lots of fresh air and be ready to welcome people when they arrive for their viewing. Know which features of the house will appeal to tenants and be sure to point them out. There’s no need for a hard-sell approach, but there’s nothing wrong with highlighting the best features of the property.

Be ready to answer any questions they may have about the house or the neighbourhood of your rental in Hobart and point out advantages such as proximity to schools and shops. Whatever you do, don’t make any commitments unless you have already screened your prospective tenants and have compared them to other prospects.

Be Professional or Choose a Professional Property Manager

Just as you’re checking out potential tenants, they’re also checking you out. Are you the sort of person they can take chances with? Will you be diligent in attending to your side of the rental agreement? While you don’t want to seem intimidating, you do want to appear professional and knowledgeable. Be aware of what your obligations as a landlord will be and know how you will live up to them.

A sure-fire way of making a professional impression is to choose an experienced professional to help you find tenants and manage your rental property. From preparation to viewings, finalising leases, and administering your property, you can count on Baxton Property Management to take care of your rental in Hobart.

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