Hobart Property Management Company: 11 questions to ask before leasing

27 August 2017

Hobart Property Management Company: 11 questions to ask before leasing

You may be so relieved to have found a place to rent that you will sign anything. But don’t be too hasty signing a lease. Rather be cautious, ask the right questions, and know that when you sign, you did the right thing. Take some advice from a Hobart property management company which has been around the block.

The relationship between tenants and landlords should be one of full knowledge and mutual trust. Without these it could end up in court. So take a step back, and make sure you understand the situations and can trust the agreement you are about to sign.

This is why property management companies are a good go-between bridging owners and clients. They are professionals, they know the rules and make sure fair play for both parties is involved.

This brings us to our first few questions to ask at the property viewing:

  1. What are the screening criteria and are there any fees involved in being screened?
  2. What documentation is required to support my application and is a credit report necessary?
  3. How much interest has there been, and how many applicants there are?
  4. Who would be his, or her dream tenant?

Once you know these answers, you can self-screen and know if you stand a chance of being successful in your application. If you feel you are what they are looking for, you will also know how best to show that you are.

The next set of questions pertain to payment:

  1. Ask who is responsible for utilities, and what they are likely to cost.
  2. Confirm the amount of rent. You might have seen an old advertisement and the rent is changed. If it differs ask whether the advertised price will be honoured.
  3. Confirm the method of payment. Electronic transfers are the best and safest.
  4. Ask what the bond will be and whether it is reclaimable.
  5. Ask about late fees. You have no intention of paying late, but it could happen.

Next up is the building:

  1. Are you allowed to make changes? Can you paint the walls for instance?
  2. What are the maintenance procedures? And what if there is an emergency?
  3. Who typically makes the repairs?
  4. Is there parking available?
  5. What is the crime rate in the area? Have there been any break-ins?
  6. Ask if your landlord would live there.
  7. Can you document any current damage you notice?
  8. Are there any reasons your deposit could be withheld?

Very importantly, ask about the lease:

  1. Will you be able to renew the lease?
  2. What are the consequences of early lease termination? Life happens.
  3. Are you allowed to sublet?
  4. Are you allowed to have guests staying over? If so, is there a limit on the number, or on the time period?
  5. What is the pet policy?

At Baxton Property Management Company in Hobart, we know that if a tenant can tick off all these questions, we will have a happy tenant. What is more, a happy tenant is a long-term tenant. Any questions you would like to ask, please visit us online, or drop us a mail.



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