Energy-Saving Tips for Tenants and Property Owners
12 October 2017

Energy-Saving Tips for Tenants and Property Owners

Saving energy means saving money. That’s a great reason to start examining ways to save electricity – and you get the fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re also doing something that’s good for the planet. Hobart-based Property Management company, Baxton, presents top tips and tricks that will help you to save energy and cut those bills.

Start with the hot water

How hot do you really need your water to be? Turn the thermostat down a few degrees to a temperature that is just right so you don’t have to add cold water when you shower or bath. This small adjustment will already make a difference to your energy bill. You can also save on energy by covering your hot water cylinder with an insulating blanket to keep it warm longer.

Light up your life with energy saving globes

The next easy way of saving is to replace incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs using 90% less energy. Looking at the price tag? Those bulbs last 10 – 20 times longer than incandescent ones. And whereas early versions gave off a dull, subaqueous glow, modern LEDs will give you very much the same light quality and colour as incandescent bulbs did.

Fresh and frugal

Shower rather than bath. A bath uses a lot of hot water in comparison to a quick shower. Keep showers short – the less your geyser fills, the less energy it will take to heat the water. Spoil yourself now and then, but see deep baths and lengthy showers as occasional treats.

Turn off the lights

Another obvious energy saver is to turn off the lights when you leave the room. Try not to leave lights on in rooms and corridors when they are not in use. Parents usually drill this habit into their children – and for good reason – it does make a difference to the electricity bill. Consider installing motion sensors in corridors and for outside lights. They’ll switch on the lights when they’re needed.

Chill out, heat up

Heating and air conditioning use a lot of electricity. Try to avoid using these systems on all but the hottest or coldest of days and be conservative with your thermostat settings. While you don’t want to wrap up in multiple layers in winter, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a light sweater indoors. In summer, spend time outdoors in the shade or hit the beach!

Check your fridge, freezer, and stove

Fill up your freezer and defrost and clean it regularly. If the freezer is empty, it takes more energy to get temperatures down to freezing every time the door is opened. Make sure the seals on the doors of your fridge, freezer and oven are still in working order. A seal should hold a piece of paper in place if it is still effective.

Washing machines and dishwashers

If your washing machine doesn’t have a half load setting make sure it is full before you run it. Your dishwasher should also be full before you use it. You can always wash a few odds and ends in the sink if you’re worried your dishes will stand for too long.

Choose energy-saving appliances

Buy energy efficient appliances when you replace things. They might be a little more expensive, but they can save a lot in the long run. Make sure the appliances you use are appropriate to the size of your family. A huge freezer for only one person is a waste.

Small savings add up

When we’re saving, the adage “every bit counts” is a truism. Try these energy savers to cut your electricity costs even more.

  • Turn computers and tablets off if you are not using them.
  • Turn chargers of cell phones off when they are charged. Don’t leave them charging overnight.
  • Don’t fall asleep with the TV on.
  • Don’t boil a full kettle if less hot water will do.
  • BBQ often! Saving energy can be fun!

Tips for property owners from Hobart property managers

Although Baxton are property management specialists rather than electricians, we can help you make your rental property more energy efficient. Installing solar panels is a great solution, even if you only power the geyser with clean energy. We can also help by overseeing other energy-saving changes you would like to make – such as installing motion sensors on outside lights.

If you’re serious about energy saving, we can arrange inspections to make sure that your rental dwelling is adequately insulated – a huge saving on electricity could be realised if it isn’t. Remember, we offer a full property management solution in Hobart – and that includes helping you make your rental property in Hobart more energy efficient.

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