Designer news: Simple decorating tricks used by the experts
12 July 2017

Designer news: Simple decorating tricks used by the experts

Although there’s no magic formula that will ensure the creation of a beautiful space, there are a few tips you can employ to get you going in the right direction.

Author: Laura Wheat

At the heart of every room plan must be practicality – because you won’t enjoy that chic sofa so much when you discover its covers are non-removable and those squishy cushions require re-plumping approximately every seven minutes.

Choose finishes that fit the way you live, whether that’s with children, pets, or in a pristine oasis with a strict “clear liquids only” rule. Then have some fun playing with swatches, and plan, plan, plan until you’ve got every detail in the bag.

5 expert tips

1. Lighten the mood

Interior designers often use smaller spaces as a canvas on which to have fun and incorporate unique ideas. This kitsch powder room is the perfect example: the neutral base colour is given a shock of neon trim, while a collection of entomology-themed artwork makes for eccentric impact. Why not make the tiniest room in the house the most merry?

2. Try tone on tone

Cheat your way to painterly prowess by choosing a restricted colour palette and layering tints and tones of the same shades throughout your space for a harmonious effect. Interior designers are masters at this, and you can be too – with a bit of practice.

Try taking inspiration from a favourite artwork and replicating the colours featured in other areas of the room – paint charts can help you to find sets of similar tones to experiment with.

3. Learn about great lighting

Even the most elegant interior will fail to shine if the lighting is off kilter. Aim to incorporate multiple different light sources at different heights – spotlights, wall lights, pendants and lamps all have their place. Ideally they will be controlled from several dimmer switches, allowing for maximum mood-inducing versatility.

4. Plan everything

Finding places to display your bits and bobs might feel like one of the last jobs you’d tackle on a refurb project, but this is not the case. Fitting floating shelves, for example, needs to be done before you decorate, as it involves slotting hollow shelves onto hidden rods that are anchored into the wall. Designers have a plan for everything; this allows tasks to be completed in an efficient order and ensures that aims are met. Take a tip from them and do your homework before you start popping those paint cans.

5. Remember two’s the charm

Interior designers love symmetry. Fireside alcoves are the ideal place to practise a bit of mirroring, with either built-in cabinets or freestanding console tables. Take elements such as plants, pictures, ornaments and books and repeat them almost identically on either side. Then switch a few pieces around and add in some random objects to prevent the final effect from being too regimental.

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